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About FM-World
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19 February 2020
Federico Mahora


Who we are?

The FM WORLD operates within the FMCG industry under the Multi-Level Marketing business model. The Mission of the FM WORLD is to deliver high quality products at attractive prices directly to households, excluding traditional retail networks.

FM WORLD Poland was established in 2004 in Wrocław, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński. Due to its dynamic growth, in 2007 a new company – FM WORLD – was founded to expand the brand abroad. Today FM WORLD products are known and appreciated on six continents. Over 600 000 Business Partners cooperate with FM WORLD and this number is continually growing. With a unique business model – network marketing, a type of direct selling – the company creates perfect conditions for the development of micro-enterprises; it provides opportunity, training and support.

The main product line of the FM WORLD is the high quality perfume and fragrance brand FM, Federico Mahora, made in cooperation with Perfand and Drom Fragrances. The FM Federico Mahora brand includes body lotions, shower gels, aftershave, hand creams, shaving foams, hair perfumes and other complex perfume layering cosmetics. The range offers luxury Parfum, Eau de Parfum, and indulgent pampering products such as SKIN LAB and SPA SENSES.

FM MAKE UP is a brand of high quality make-up products, rich in minerals, plant extracts and essential oils that provide the skin with a beautiful, natural look and excellent protection. A wide range of fashionable colours allows you to create beautiful make-up looks, for both both day and evening. The range includes cosmetics designed for different types of beauty and skin complexions.

The FM WORLD FOR HOME range includes high-quality products, designed to keep your home clean and beautiful. The assortment of household products is continually evolving. The latest product releases are designed to help in areas such as the care and hygiene of pets and specialised products car cleaning.

Aurile is a brand of products created to be enjoyed. Excellent quality natural and flavoured coffees meet the expectations of even the most discerning gourmets, whereas the innovative formulas of functional coffees are an absolute novelty on the Polish market. The offer is complemented by high-end barista accessories and elegant porcelain sets.

FM Mobile are virtual mobile network operator was created specifically for FM partners, offering them high quality telephone services and mobile Internet access at competitive prices.


FM WORLD is an international brand known in several dozen countries around the world. Its expansion to the foreign markets began in 2007, along with establishment of FM WORLD. Today FM WORLD products conquers the hearts of customers from such countries all around the world. The company issues catalogues in over 20 languages. There are over 600 000 FM WORLD Business Partners in the whole world.



For 14 years FM World have been creating products which you can trust and offering fair business principles that provide the financial freedom to the Partners in dozens of Branches in the world. We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better and now we want to go one step further!

FM Distribution is a response to the needs of people all around the world who have not had access to FM World products. From now on you can buy them in every corner of the world, on all continents! Thereby, we become one of the most widely active MLM companies in the world!

This is also a new way of sponsorship – Business Partners will be able to invite to cooperation people from the markets where this activity has not been possible so far. The new person will become a part of FM World and the points achieved will support both your groups and the Worldwide Point Turnover.



by Giorgio Armani



FM WORLD is the winner of many prestigious awards such as:

Business Gazelle 2010 for FM WORLD Polska and Business Gazelle 2011 for FM WORLD,

Art of Packaging 2010 for the SPA SENSES Collection – for the best packaging in the “Health and Beauty” category,

Qltowy Kosmetyk 2011 for the Sugar Lip Scrub,

Consumer’s Laurel– Discovery of 2011 for the Sugar Lip Scrub,

The Super Product 2011 of the “Women’s World” readers for the SPA SENSES collection, Qltowy Kosmetyk 2012 for Eau de Parfum FM 329,

Certificate of Ethical Sales Management and Customer Service, awarded by the jury of the Polish National Sales Awards (PNSA),

The Super Product 2012 of the “Women’s World” readers for the ß-Glucan Active Face Serum,

Forbes Diamond for FM WORLD Poland,

V Certificate for the Body Sign line and the Natural Warm Body Butter, Natural Soap and Natural Body Cream from the SKIN LAB line,

Golden Seal of Nature 2013 – Best Natural Cosmetic Product – second place for Skin Lab a line of natural cosmetics, award for cosmetics from the Body Sign collection,

Consumer’s Laurel– Discovery of 2013 – for FM WORLD FOR HOME,

Qltowy Kosmetyk 2013 for Eau de Parfum FM 331,

Cosmetic of the year 2013 awarded by the E-Makijaż magazine for the Brow & Lash Creator.

The Aurile brand has just won the Silver Consumer Laurel 2014 in the category “Functional Coffee”!