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How does it work?

You are the one who organizes your time and you decide who you want to work with. You define what success means to you and implement your own plan in a way that is most attractive to you. All this is possible thanks to the industry in which FM WORLD is active: relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) is a variant of direct sales, it bypasses the traditional sales channels and shops. In MLM, sales are based on direct contact with the customer, which significantly reduces the distance between the customer and the product. Partners can offer their customers attractive and unique products, which are not available in traditional stores. Direct Selling, which is part of MLM, is a well established way of selling around the world and regulated by various laws. Income from MLM sales in the European Union alone has an annual volume of 20 trillion euros. In Poland, annual turnover in direct sales is more than $ 2 trillion.

FM WORLD, as a company active in the MLM, offers you many opportunities and possibilities. Choose the one that suits you best:

Buy with a discount

The main advantage of the FM WORLD offer is that it contains products for daily use, such as perfumes, body care products, household products and others. Partners have the option to purchase FM WORLD products and services at lower prices, thus saving on their own expenses.

Recommend and sell FM WORLD products

Once you have discovered the unique and useful FM WORLD products, you can recommend them to others: your family, friends, acquaintances or neighbors. Finding customers for high-quality products for everyday use is easy. In this way, if you wish, you can make money on the sale, because as a Partner you buy at a discount and thus sell with a profit. The difference in price, the profit margin, is yours.

Be a leader! Build your own team.

In order to achieve an even stronger financial result, it is good to start building your own team. This means nothing more than encouraging others to do whatever you do – to sell FM WORLD products. In this way you become a team leader, a sponsor, who will familiarize them with the offer and the rules of cooperation with FM WORLD. In addition to the earnings on your own purchases, you will also receive a commission on the purchases in your team, in which each person has reached a certain effectiveness level. The people in your team also receive a commission and the people in their teams as well. Everyone works together for the common success!

Attention: MLM is not a financial pyramid! Your profits come from selling products, not from recruiting new members.


  • Become a free member as a benefit customer, promoter or business partner
  • Affordable products for everyday use
  • no monthly compulsory purchase
  • times that suit you and your family
  • no boss, sales or other obligations
  • good income for everyone who is willing to work
  • training, help and useful tools









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